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Technical support and Imaging

Technical support and Imaging

Infrared Measurement Service

OPTIR mIRage system for the analysis of infrared (IR) and Raman spectra for applications such as the detection of impurities, defect analysis, analysis of multilayer films, distribution of phase in plastics, microplastic analysis, examination of tissue sections, living cells or bacteria, examination of pharmaceuticals, etc.

Picture: © Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp.

3D printing service in polymer fDm technology

Electronic Design Service

  • Requirements engineering
  • Schematic (Kicad)
  • Layout (Kicad)
  • Assembly (hand / reflow soldering)
  • Testing and Verification of assembled devices
  • FirmWare programming (C on STM32)

Prototype development for specialized (sensor) solutions

3D imaging of internal structures at micrometer resolution

chemical 2D imaging by spectroscopy/ hyper-spectral imaging (hsi)


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