NEFI Technology Talk: Drying processes in industry

NEFI Technology Talk: Drying processes in industry

Where: Online
When: 12.10.2023, 10:00-12:00

An Overview on energy efficient drying applications and low-cost IR product moisture sensors.

An event provided by the NEFI innovation network - sharing recent results from the project EDDY - Enhanced Drying.

To this day, 10-25% of total industrial energy consumption is caused by drying processes. In terms of energy efficiency, the use of heat pumps together with real time monitoring solutions using infrared sensor (IR) technology show great energy savings potentials for numerous industries. This NEFI Technology Talk offers an overview of energy efficient drying applications, low-cost IR product moisture sensors and insights into future projects. Join in and team up with national and international experts on this topics!

Further information and direct registration on the NEFI event-Website: https://www.nefi.at/en/news-detail/nefi-technology-talk-drying-processes-in-industry


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