Inline-Raman-Spektroskopie für zerstörungsfreie Prozessüberwachung im industriellen Umfeld

  • Dr. Dieter Bingemann
    Senior Application Scientist at Wasatch Photonics (hosted by Markus Brandstetter, RECENDT)

A talk presenting "In-line Raman spectroscopy for non-destructive process control in industrial Environments". This lecture was given on 7.12.2022 by Dieter Bingemann (Senior Application Scientist at Wasatch Photonics) in RECENDT's NDT4Industry-Series. Talk was hosted by Markus Brandstetter (Head of IR- and Raman-Spectroscopy Group at RECENDT).

Language: ENGLISH
Duration: 30 min.

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Raman spectroscopy with its high specificity and ease of use can provide detailed molecular insights about the sample of interest. Long seen as complex, bulky, and expensive, recent technological developments have dramatically simplified and miniaturized Raman systems. Using examples from different application areas, we demonstrate how Raman spectroscopy can now easily be used as an in-line monitor for complex processes.

Recording of the talk: