NEFI Technology Talk: Drying Processes in Industry

On 12.10.2023, our RECENDT expert Sebastian Friedl will participate in a NEFI Technology Talk on Drying Processes in Industry. The event will feature a diverse range of perspectives from industrial experts. Sebastian will present the current project EDDY - Enhanced Drying and give an overview of inline product moisture measurements using near-infrared spectroscopy.

To date, 10-25% of total industrial energy consumption is caused by drying processes. In terms of energy efficiency, the use of heat pumps in combination with real-time monitoring solutions with infrared (IR) sensor technology show great potential for energy savings in many industries. This NEFI Technology Talk will therefore provide an overview of energy-efficient drying applications, cost-effective IR product moisture sensors and insights into future projects. Join national and international experts as they discuss this important topic!

More information and direct registration on the event website:

Language of the event: English

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