OSA featuring latest research results from RECENDT in news release

Latest research results from RECENDT-staff (Alexander Ebner, Robert Zimmerleiter, Markus Brandstetter, Jakob Kilgus) together with partners from JKU (Christoph Cobet, Kurt Hingerl) were highlighted by The Optical Society (OSA) in a featured article in their OSA News Releases!

The researchers have developed a new approach to capture high-resolution spectral information at the split of a second by using a bright mid-infrared laser source for spectroscopic ellipsometry. The novel technique allows to measure several magnitudes faster than with existing instrumentation and could therefore provide insights into quickly changing properties from a variety of materials.


Link to publication:
Paper: A. Ebner, R. Zimmerleiter, C. Cobet, K. Hingerl, M. Brandstetter, J. Kilgus, “Sub-Second Quantum Cascade Laser Based Infrared Spectroscopic Ellipsometry,” Opt. Lett., 44, 14, 3426-3429 (2019).


This is the direct link to the OSA news release (including a live video of a measurement):


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