NDT in Aerospace - find RECENDT presentation online!

Due to the current COVID19 situation the Symposium on NDT in Aerospace 2020 in October took place virtually. As the conference contributions were pre-recorded, the presentation of RECENDT is available online for everybody who is interested in "Robotized LaserUltrasonic NDT system for Inspection of FRP parts".

The topic of the presentation is the use of laser ultrasound (LUS) as an NDT method for CFRP components. The results of the LUS measurements are compared with the thermography and CT method by using reference samples.
The current status of the ACCURATe project as well as an in-house development for the Universal Robot UR 10, which makes it possible to use LUS on complex-shaped components and measure them contactless, are also discussed.

You can find the link to the presentation here:


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