Strategic partnership with Camo Analytics

On March 13th, CEO Dr. Peter Burgholzer and representatives of the Norwegian company Camo Analytics signed a Memorandum of Understanding, thus sealing the plans for a strategic partnership.

The signing of the agreement took place during the first joint venture already realized: the two companies had jointly organised a 2-day workshop in Linz, where 13 participants from industry and research were trained in the field of "Multivariate Data Analysis".

Such events are to become more frequent in the future: the Norwegian company is a globally active and leading provider of software packages for industrial data analysis (Unscrambler® and Process Pulse®). RECENDT is an expert in the implementation of analytical solutions in industry, supporting companies in the generation of data - which can then potentially be processed with Camo products. Since the RECENDT experts also have special competence in the development of special evaluation algorithms, which can then be implemented in Camo solutions, this closes the circle of logic collaboration. In the future a common appearance is planned for the customers from research and industry: a comprehensive local service will be offered, ranging from measurement technologies to data analysis including education, training and support.


Picture 1: Frank Westad (Camo Analytics), Peter Burgholzer (RECENDT) and Jens Oestreich (Camo Analytics).
Picture 2: Participants of the Workshop „Multivariate Datenanalyse“




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