RECENDT exhibits - at the Technical Museum Vienna

The „Innovation Corner“ of the Technical Museums Vienna provides exclusive insights into what Austrian start-ups and research centres are currently working on and which new ideas and forward-looking technologies are being developed in domestic companies.

RECENDT will also be there!

In cooperation with the Upper Austrian business location agency Business Upper Austria and the UAR Innovation Network, the Technical Museum Vienna will be showing examples of success from Upper Austrian companies in the field of digitalisation. It becomes clear how diverse and wide-ranging the solutions and areas of application can be.

RECENDT will be exhibiting two exhibits on the topics of laser ultrasound and OCT, thus enabling non-destructive insights into the inner workings of technical objects.

Whether in medicine or in the inspection of technical devices or materials - it is often helpful and necessary to get a look beneath the surface without affecting it. Two examples of methods that make this possible are laser ultrasound and OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography).

Visit the Innovation Corner at the Technical Museum in Vienna. Many interesting insights into Austrian research work await you!


Visiting the museum - and our own exhibition

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