Carbon fiber reinforced plastics

Delaminations in CFRP materials are often a big problem as errors cannot be identified by inspection of the sample-surface. By using Laser Ultrasonics technology we are able to solve this problem in a non-destructive way!

Glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP)

Do you want to learn more about your fiberglass components?
Would you like to take a deeper look into your components before they are delivered to customers?
Our OCT technology makes it possible by enabling you to detect defects, cracks, local fiber orientation etc.

Fiber directions in composite materials

Do you want to gain a deeper insight and understanding of interior properties of your fiber-reinforced plastics? Are you interested in the anisotropies of your components or do you need to determine the orientation of the fibers inside a CFRP-injection moulded component?
We can help with our Terahertz-Technology (THz), OCT technology, and Laser Ultrasonics Technology.

SHM - Structural Health Monitoring

For composite materials (or the whole lightweight construction) in particular, integrated quality monitoring (SHM - Structural Health Monitoring) allows us to take full advantage of the potentials of lightweight construction. A structure with permanently monitored integrity can, e.g., be realized by the integration of optical waveguides with FBG sensors. For such topics our experts in the field of Physical & Computational Acoustics can support you. 

Spatially resolved spectroscopy

Do you want to know the exact local distribution (in micrometer range) of your chemical components? With Mid-Infrared-Microscopy we can chemically characterize and measure materials and cross-sections (e.g. residues or inclusions) with a spatial resolution as small as 5 µm.