Modal Analysis from Random and Compressed Samples

  • Prof. Michael Wakin, Ph.D.
    Full professor at the Colorado School of Mines / Dept. of Electrical Engineering

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Modal analysis is the process of estimating a system's modal parameters such as its natural frequencies and mode shapes.

One application of modal analysis is in structural health monitoring (SHM), where a network of sensors may be used to collect vibration data from a physical structure such as a building or bridge. There is a growing interest in developing automated techniques for SHM based on data collected in a wireless sensor network.

In this talk, I will describe various sampling and compression strategies that one might consider in a physical sensor network; these methods are intended to minimize power consumption by allowing the data to be sampled and/or transmitted more efficiently.

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Language of the lecture: ENGLISH
Duration: approx. 30 min.

Recording of the talk:

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