Packaging Techniques

Packaging Techniques

Sealing or bonding processes

Do you operate sealing processes e.g. for food packaging? With our Laser-Ultrasonics or (depending on the material) OCT technology we are able to measure the sealing seams inline in the process. We provide similar testing methods for bonding processes, e.g., hot melt adhesives for packaging.

Blow-extrusion films / cast-sheet

OCT technology provides real-time high-resolution images of the inner structure of plastics, e.g., the layer construction of a multilayer film. You can determine the thickness of the inner layers right inline during the production process with an accuracy of less than 1 micrometer and adjust your processes (blow-extrusion film or cast-sheet) for an optimal production!

Beverages in bottles and cups

Bottles (glass or plastics) and plastic bowls can be tested on the exact adherence to thickness specifications or on possible defects by OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography). Thus, we can ensure highly automated packaging processes.

Multilayer systems and welding seams in polymer films

Multilayer-films carry great importance especially in the food industry. For example, the thickness and homogeneity of barrier layers have a great influence on the shelf-life of food. With the OCT technology you can measure the thickness of the individual layers with high-resolution inline during the process. Moreover, you can see and detect delaminations and welding seams in real-time and possibly regulate and optimize the production process based on this measurement data.

Analytics for paper & the paper industry

Paper is an extremely diverse material and its characterization requirements are relevant for production, processing, and application. We can support you in many ways with our testing methods (IR & Raman Spectroscopy, THz Spectroscopy, OCT, and Laser-Ultrasound), for example, in chemical analytics (directly in the production process) and the characterization of surfaces and fibers for both absorbency and anisotropy.