Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Tablet coating

We provide our patented OCT technology in the form of an inline-integrated measurement system for the coating of tablets, which allows the exact regulation, monitoring and optimization for the coating process!

Spectroscopic imaging

The spectroscopic control of chemical compoundings (e.g. of pills) can be achieved by implementing different technologies (NIR, MIR, Raman, THz and also Quantum Sensing). Spatially resolved spectroscopy is also possible – moreover you can get a picture, for instance, of the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) distribution in the product!

GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice

In order to ensure the health and safety of customers of pharmaceutical products, the regulators have introduced a strict set of rules in recent years. In addition to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Quality by Design (QbD), Process Analytical Technology (PAT) also plays an important role.

With OCT technology RECENDT (in collaboration with the Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering, RCPE, Graz) offers, e.g., a worldwide and unique tool that can be used inline, at-line or offline. With this tool the layer thickness of tablet coatings can be measured during the coating process and the process can be controlled and optimized.  

PAC – The research network

Process Analytical Technologies (e.g. Infrared Spectroscopic Methods) are able to monitor chemical processes inline and control them precisely, which enables perfect optimization.
We have conducted intensive research in this field since 2010 and can act as your contact point to the entire research network PAC -

Process optimization for batch-processes or continuous-processes

Through exact knowledge of the current conditions in a batch-reactor or in a continuous process, the chemical processes can be regulated precisely. Therefore it is often possible to reduce process temperature and time reserves. Energy saving significantly raises profits, and leads to a quick amortization of such process optimization. Our Spectroscopy experts can support you!

Spatially resolved spectroscopy

Do you want to know the exact local distribution (in micrometer range) of your chemical components? With Mid-Infrared-Microscopy we can chemically characterize and measure materials and cross-sections (e.g. residues or inclusions) with a spatial resolution as small as 5 µm. Quantum Sensing offers interesting opportunities in that area too.

Process-Up scaling

When developing new processes, and especially when bringing a process from lab-scale to production-scale, spectroscopic technologies play a crucial role in guaranteeing optimum performance. We can assist with selection of the best-suited measurement technique. Combine your process expertise with our analytical and monitoring experience to optimize your processes and maximize your output.

Nano-Medicine & Pharmaceutical Development

We are unable to develop the API - this might be your expertise! But when it comes to carrier development and process upscaling, you can rely on our experience of the application of process for analytical technologies (e.g. spectroscopic techniques) to serve as a support unit for precision medicine / nano medicine / personalized medicine and pharmaceutical development in general.