Biocycle-UA - circular economy using selected biopolymers as an example

Project information:

  • Project title: BIOCYCLE-UA - circular economy using selected biopolymers as an example
  • Acronym: BIOCYCLE-UA
  • Duration: 18 months (start 01.01.2021)
  • Funding: Upper Austria within the framework of EFRE-React


BIOCYCLE-UA is a cooperation project of three Upper Austrian non-university-based research institutions in Linz: the Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH, the Competence Center CHASE GmbH and the RECENDT GmbH - with the objective to build up R&D capacity on the topic of circular economy. Using the example of new, bio-based and fully biodegradable plastics (polyhydroxyalkanoates, PHA or polylactic acid, PLA), development topics in the closed material cycle are addressed.

RECENDT develops and evaluates the latest process analytical methods to monitor and control processes in the entire cycle (including digitalization and quality control).The basic research project "BIOCYCLE-UA" primarily serves to establish an interdisciplinary and cross-company knowledge base along the value chain in the field of bio-based plastics in the sense of innovation-driven material and process research.

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