RESINET - RESilience Enhancement In Energy Networks

Project information:

  • Project title: RESilience Enhancement In Energy NETworks
  • Acronym: RESINET
  • Duration: 18 months (start 01.01.2021)
  • Funding: Upper Austria within the framework of EFRE-React


The project RESINET addresses the main topic of resilience of energy grids, taking into account the transformation of the framework conditions from centralized, unidirectional systems to grids with a significantly higher share of renewable, fluctuating energy feeders ("prosumers"), increasing storage capacities in the grid interconnection and controllable loads. Specifically, the goals of this project are to:

  • Develop a methodology for numerical assessment of power system resilience
  • Development of a methodology to design the production topology for lowest possible vulnerability to grid outages as well as outage-minimized behavior during grid outages
  • Development of a dynamic, real-time control of generation and consumption devices for grid stabilization
  • Development of load and generation forecasts in energy grids and integration into dynamic control
  • Evaluate the use of thermal and electrical energy storage devices to increase the resilience of energy grids and develop requirements and appropriate state sensor technology for these storage devices

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