01.03.2023 | STAHLUS

By using laser ultrasound in a thermal simulator, changes in microstructure during thermal cycling are accessible by measuring the acoustic quantities through mathematical models, providing important process information.

01.04.2022 | DATA - Digital assistant for drying plants

DATA is developing methods and tools to implement a digital twin for the intelligent production of high-quality laminated panels at a phenolic resin impregnation plant in the woodworking industry. In this way, DATA will improve the energy efficiency of the production processes and thereby help to achieve a 20% reduction in fossil CO2 emissions by 2028.



01.11.2021 | RIFIDAS – Rapid In-Field IDentification of Addictive Substances

The aim of the project is to develop a handheld measuring system for the rapid pre-classification of THC and CBD cannabis by law enforcement officers in the course of official acts.

01.10.2021 | LAUDENT

The aim of the LAUDENT project is to develop a non-destructive laser-ultrasonic test system for the detection of impact and lightning damage, delamination and cracks inside modern CFRP structures, which can be deployed flexibly and quickly in the service area of an airport thanks to its drone-based autonomous flight capability.

01.10.2021 | SMASH2

The research project SMASH2 focuses on the investigation of measurement methods for the real-time determination of the H2 concentration at neuralgic points in fuel cell systems.

01.05.2021 | KombiPhoton

The central objective of KombiPhoton is the research and development of a fast, non-contact, and non-destructive inspection system for high integrity, complex-shaped lightweight aerospace components. In this context, the combination of laser ultrasound and thermography will provide essential insights for the identification of "indications" through a new data fusion approach.

01.04.2021 | EDDY - Enhanced Drying

EDDY is a project in the scope of the initiative „Vorzeigeregion Energie“ of the Austrian Klima- und Energiefonds.
It is a project embedded in the NEFI innovation network „New Energy for Industry“. The target is, to improve the energy efficiency of industrial drying processes.

01.04.2021 | ReWaste F

Das COMET-Project ReWaste F aims to tackle the global challenge of sorting plastics and other mixed non-hazardous waste, which requires innovative and sustainable long-term solutions. 

01.03.2021 | We3D

The COMET project We3D strives improve the wire-based additive manufacturing (WAM) process by the development of innovative wire materials, process-, sensor-, control-technologies, software tools and new applications. (Picture: Source Rod19)

01.03.2021 | PHOENIX

PHOENIX aims to enable the seamless, timely and cost-friendly transfer of nano-pharmaceuticals from lab bench to clinical trials by providing necessary advanced, affordable and easily accessible services through the Phoenix-OITB (open-innovation test-bed), that will be established as a novel legal entity in 2022.

01.01.2021 | DISCUSS

In the project DISCUSS the current problems of simultaneous measurements of the thickness of a structure and its sound velocities using ultrasound shall be solved. A solution of this problem for plate-like structures which guide elastic waves will be proposed.

01.10.2019 | CHASE

In the K-Center "Chemical Systems Engineering" (CHASE) a new knowledge platform for energy-, resource- and cost-intensive processes in the process industry is developed.

01.01.2017 | K-Zentrum FFoQSI

In the K-Center "Feed and Food Quality Safety and Innovation" scientific and strategic innovations are developed to make food and food production better, safer and more sustainable.


01.01.2021 | RESINET

The project RESINET addresses the main topic of resilience of energy grids, taking into account the transformation of the framework conditions from centralized, unidirectional systems to grids with a significantly higher share of renewable, fluctuating energy feeders ("prosumers"), increasing storage capacities in the grid interconnection and controllable loads.

01.01.2021 | BIOCYCLE-UA

BIOCYCLE-UA is a cooperation project of three Upper Austrian non-university-based research institutions in Linz: the Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH, the Competence Center CHASE GmbH and the RECENDT GmbH - with the objective to build  R&D capacity on the topic of circular economy.

01.01.2021 | ZDM-OmniScan

The research in ZDM_OmniScan aims at non-destructive measurement methods, which later in production processes enable a manufacturing of components and products as free of defects as possible.

07.04.2020 | ATTIC

The ATTIC (Automated TeraherTz Imaging of Composites and tooling profiling) project aims at developing a fully automated drilling, monitoring and inspection solution for glass fibre composites.

25.09.2019 | LUS4Metals Workshop

The "4th International Workshop on Laser-Ultrasonics for metals" (LUS4Metals) was held at RECENDT, the Research Center for Non-Destructive Testing in Linz (Austria), from September 25th to 26th, 2019.

01.10.2018 | OnRoadCO2

The OnRoadCO2 project aims to determine CO2 emissions in traffic. Novel measuring technologies based on infrared spectroscopy shall make a localized real-time measurement of CO2 emissions possible.

01.10.2018 | SPUSI

The aim of this research project is the development of innovative, as realistic as possible, patient phantoms for medical device development and optimization as well as training and further education in the field of ultrasound diagnostics and ultrasound guided intervention.

01.09.2018 | PSSP

The aim of the K project PSSP is to generate process knowledge with photonic methods which did not exist in this way before. The efficiency of production processes shall be significantly improved with these methods.

01.09.2018 | FLOIM

FLOIM will develop an automated process for optical assembly of optoelectronic devices, based on optical quality injection overmoulding. Freeform and microstructured optical surfaces are generated directly on the components through thermoplastic microreplication, using microstructured inserts.

Quelle: Miba-Friction-Group
01.02.2018 | AutoQual-I

In the project AutoQual-I methods which enormously increase the flexibility of NDT-techniques for quality assurence, are researched and developed. With Artificial Intelligence the automatic interpretation of measurement data and the transferability on different products shall be optimized. (picture ©MIBA)

01.11.2017 | AuRea NDT

In the project "Augmented Reality meets NDT" a novel way – intuitive and easy to understand – to see, to comprehend and to utilize multimodal NDT measurement-data projected on real components is investigated.

01.06.2017 | ACCURATe

The aim of the EU-project ACCURATe is to develop a prototype system based on Laser-Ultrasonic Testing technology to be used for non-destructive inspection of large hybrid composite structures in Aircraft industry.

01.10.2016 | NDTonAIR

The objective of the NDTonAIR project is to provide the recruited researcher with an extensive and varied training on consolidated and innovative non-destructive techniques for Aircraft inspection.

08.07.2016 | LU2016 Symposium

In July 2016 the 5th "International Symposium on Laser-Ultrasonics and Advanced Sensing" took place  in Linz. The symposium was organized by RECENDT.

01.09.2015 | join'EM

The aim of the EU project joinEM is to further develop and optimize the joining of aluminum and copper by electromagnetic fields.

01.09.2015 | MiCi (EFRE IWB2020)

Multimodal non-destructive testing methods are essential for the characterization of materials during the process and for the in-situ monitoring of the process.

01.06.2015 | SuRePAM

The aim of the project SuRePAM is to introduce depletion techniques, such as STED, to photoacoustic microscopy. Thereby, the lateral and axial resolution in photoacoustic microscopy will be brought into the sub-diffraction-region.

01.04.2015 | PALMMA

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Radiologen Dr. Haudum aus Linz wird an der Weiterentwicklung von photoakustischer Makroskopie für die Mammographie geforscht.

01.01.2015 | COMBILASER

The EU project COMBILASER deals with the combination of laser material processing with non-destructive quality control and process monitoring through a self-learning system.

01.09.2014 | K-Projekt imPACts

In the K project "Industrial Methods for Process Analytical Chemistry - From Measurement Technologies to Information Systems" process-analytical measurement techniques are realized.

01.09.2014 | K-Projekt ZPT+

In the K-project ZPT+ central non-destructive testing methods (ZfP) - industrial computed tomography (CT) and laser ultrasound (LUS) - are further developed for the inspection and characterization of composites and hybrid components.

01.11.2013 | ZeGroVe

The project ZeGroVe deals with non-contact excitation and detection of a Lamb wave in a particular point of the dispersion relation. The zero group velocity (ZGV) point of the first order symmetrical mode Lamb wave shall be utilized to characterize isotropic plates.

02.09.2013 | FaBiMed

The aim of the EU project FaBiMed (Fabrication and Functionalization of BioMedical Microdevices) is to improve and develop new micro-injection molding processes for biomedical microcomponents.

01.04.2013 | MORPAI

The project MORPAI deals with a combination of remote photoacoustic imaging and optical coherence tomography, allowing remote imaging in both modalities.

01.03.2013 | ITIS

In the project ITIS a novel measurement method for continuous measurements of the temporal position and amplitude of a terahertz (THz) pulse is developed.

13.02.2013 | OCT4NDT Symposium

The first international Symposium "Optical Coherence Tomography for Non-Destructive Testing" (OCT4NDT), which was organized by RECENDT, took place on 13th and 14th of February 2013.

01.10.2011 | InSolTec

The aim of the project InSolTec is the development of a portfolio of non-destructive measurement and testing methods for quality control of materials and products in solar technology.

01.07.2010 | PLUM2

The aim of the project PLUM2 was to design an imaging method for simultaneous ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging, using an array detector consisting of concentric rings, and to prove the applicability of this device for large depth of field imaging.

01.05.2009 | InsideFood

The EU project InsideFood (Integrated sensing and imaging devices for designing, monitoring and controlling microstructures of foods) aims to measure the microstructures of different types of food.

01.10.2008 | RS-IND-OCT

Within the framework of this research studio we work on a further development of optical coherence tomography for a use in industrial environments.

01.07.2008 | THz-Imaging System for Industrial Material Investigations

The goal of the FWF-Translational project “THz-Imaging System for Industrial Material Investigations” was the development of a specific THz-imaging system for material investigations.

01.01.2008 | AMATID

The goal of the AMATID project is the development and application of advanced techniques for material identification in the field of security screening and industrial non-destructive testing.

Holzer Robert, Dipl.-Ing. -

Holzer Robert, Dipl.-Ing.
Project Management & Business Development

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Area Manager Optics

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