Safety, Security

Safety, Security & Forensics

Explosives or drugs identification

Spectroscopic methods allow the easy identification of substances. Using such methods makes it possible to identify explosives and to distinguish between non-hazardous materials and hazardous or illegal substances.

Moreover, with Terahertz Spectroscopy, such analysis can also be performed for substances inside closed and non-transparent containers / objects (e.g. letters and cardboard boxes).

Security checks

Terahertz imaging received significant media attention in connection with the so called “body scanners” for airport security checks. Indeed, it is possible to detect THz radiation, which is emitted from every body, through clothing using the THz technique. These images can help to detect shadows, such as hidden weapons.

Photoacoustic spectroscopy

Contactless Photoacoustic Spectroscopy may also be used for the Spectroscopic measurements of solids and liquids. This technique offers very high sensitivity in certain applications as well as offering the possibility of spatially resolved measurements. Talk to our experts about possible solutions for your applications.

Spatially resolved spectroscopy

Do you want to know the exact local distribution (in micrometer range) of your chemical components? With Mid-Infrared-Microscopy we can chemically characterize and measure materials and cross-sections (e.g. residues or inclusions) with a spatial resolution as small as 5 µm. Quantum Sensing offers interesting opportunities in that area too.