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Let us measure what others can’t!

Conventional sensor technology is often not sufficient to measure material or process parameters non-destructively and with the required precision. We are happy to solve this for you – based on our diverse expertise and technological capabilities. Our broad portfolio of measurement technologies and many years of experience enable us to develop new specialized solutions for your challenges. Measurement services can be performed in our laboratories or at your site directly in the production process.

We also look beneath the surface and provide the data you need.

Based on our expertise in acoustic and optical non-destructive sensing technologies, we offer the following services:

Characterization of materials

Characterization of materials
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  • Chemical/spectroscopic investigations & material characterization
  • Characterization of highly specific samples (hot, cold, dangerous, very sensitive, small, etc.)
  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • Characterization of thin films and coatings including layer thickness measurement down to nanometer structures
  • Determination of the hardening depth of thermally hardened metals
  • Characterization of 3-dimensional (layered) micrometer structures
  • Detection and imaging of structures under the surface of different materials
  • Measurement of elastic properties and anisotropy effects
  • Observation of microstructural changes during thermal treatment of metals
  • Characterize time series of changes and dynamic processes on a microscopic scale

Detection of defects, flaws, delamination, contaminations, etc.

Detection of defects, flaws, delamination, contaminations, etc.
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  • Testing of metals, polymers, semiconductors, ceramics, composites, etc.
  • Testing of highly specific samples (hot, cold, dangerous, very sensitive, small etc.)
  • Detection of delaminations - e.g. in composites/CFRP, silicon wafers, coatings, adhesive bonds
  • Non-destructive evaluation of bonded joints
  • Quality control of welds and spot welds
  • Detection and imaging of defects under the surface of various materials

Inline analytics/process analytics (PAT - Process Analytical Technologies)

Inline analytics/process analytics (PAT - Process Analytical Technologies)
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  • Reduction or complete elimination of sampling in the running process
  • Quality assurance in process streams (chemicals, food, polymers, metals, ...)
  • Real-time information as a basis for process control
  • Information extraction from sensor data using machine learning, including multivariate data analysis
  • Raw material and energy savings (e.g., optimized drying processes and reaction kinetics)
  • Many years of expertise in the use of cost-effective, compact, and robust measurement technologies for industrial applications

Technical support and Imaging

Technical support and Imaging
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  • Infrared- & Raman-Spectroscopic Imaging with highest resolution
  • 3D printing service in polymer fDm technology
  • Electronic Design Service
  • Prototype development for specialized (sensor) solutions
  • 3D imaging of internal structures at micrometer resolution
  • chemical 2D imaging by spectroscopy/ hyper-spectral imaging (hsi)

Consulting in NDT/ZfP, PAT and sensor technologies

Consulting in NDT/ZfP, PAT and sensor technologies
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  • ultrasound expertise and consulting, acoustic modeling
  • optics expertise and consulting
  • Characterization and length measurement of optical fibers
  • Development of process analytical technologies (Pat) and measurement routines
  • Evaluation of cost-effective Pat solutions


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  • Fluid Sensor Electronics
  • Galvo Scanner Controller for OCT-Systems
  • Compressed Sensing Interface
  • Spectrometers
  • Rental of Lab-Equipment