Young Science

Young Science

Are you interested in technology, creative, curious, active and like to do research? Then you are just right with us because we make it possible for you to discover your spirit of research! You can immerse yourself in the multifaceted world of technology and natural sciences, meet internationally recognised researchers, do your summer internship with us or write a thematically relevant VWA...


Your contact for all questions about the Young Science initiative

For all questions regarding the RECENDT Young Science initiative, please contact:
Mrs. Jessica Orel, T: +43 (732) 2468 - 4604, E-Mail:


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Long Night of Research

The Long Night of research (LNF)

takes place every 2 years from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. at over 280 exhibition venues across Austria. In all nine federal provinces you can discover, with free admission, what otherwise often remains hidden: exciting, surprising, amazing!

With more than 2,500 locations, guided tours, workshops, lectures, live presentations and experiments to watch and to participate, the Long Night of research is interesting for everyone: for science professionals and those who want to become one, for the adventurous and the curious, for those who think outside the box, for tinkerers, for young and old explorers and for everyone who wants to know exactly what is going on.

RECENDT regularly takes part as exhibitor with a location at the JKU campus.


Holiday internships JKU Young Scientists

As part of this great initiative, RECENDT regularly offers summer internships for students from AHS and BHS who are interested in technology.

Are you interested? Then send us your application to!

FFG | Career in research and development

JKU | Young Scientists


School cooperation for VWA authors

We support pupils in carrying out thematically appropriate VWAs ("Vorwissenschaftliche Arbeit", sort of first thesis to write when finalizing school) - e.g. in the subject areas of chemistry or physics.

For example, pupils have already worked on the following scientific subjects in cooperation with our researchers:


2011/2012: Shrinkage in polymers

2012/2013: Comparison of analogue and normal insulin (the author was awarded a prize for this work!)

2012/2013: Qualitative analysis of polymers

2012/2013: Damage testing with OCT under mechanical stress of polypropylene

2012/2013: Sugar substitutes - sweeteners and sugar substitutes

2013/2014: Plant toxins - A bouquet full of toxins

2013/2014: Injection moulding technology - A look beneath the surface

2014/2015: Food colouring

2014/2015: Determination of dimensional changes of engineering plastics

2014/2015: Plastic moulding analyses by means of optical coherence tomography

2015/2016: IR spectroscopic measurements on aspirin preparations

2015/2016: The influence of preservatives on the quality of lemons

2016/2017: Analgesic effect of selected herbal medicines

2017/2018: Hordeum vulgare, malted and fermented (the author was awarded a prize for this work!)

2018/2019: IR spectroscopic analysis of beer

2018/2019: IR spectroscopic analysis of liquor

2019/2020: Analysis of divergences of mechanically loaded nylon and polyester tennis strings using OCT and AFM (the author was awarded a prize for this work!).


With warm thanks to the BRG Schloss Wagrain and especially to the esteemed chemistry professor Ms Elke Punz for the many years of cooperation!


Visits/lab tours for schools/student groups

We are happy to offer interested teachers and students a visit to our premises with a guided tour of the laboratory (e.g. as a supplement to lessons).

Schüler:innengruppe im Labor Schüler:innengruppe zu Besuch bei der RECENDT


Children's University

The Children´s University regularly offers interesting workshops and courses for children and young people during the summer holidays:

From coding and robotics to artificial intelligence, from astronaut:ing to gliding, from blood and DNA analysis to parkour and freerunning,
from microscopy to looking into space and astronomy, from climate research and sustainable agriculture to fair consumption and trade, from fossil prehistoric creatures to native flora and fauna, from sounds, dance and music business to blacksmithing and graffiti, and much more.

In July 2022, an exciting course for interested pupils took place as part of the Upper Austrian Children's University. In the Wissensturm of the city of Linz, the children experienced the possible uses of light and e.g. X-rays in medicine.

Our colleague Dr Bettina Heise gave two introductory lectures together with Primar Univ.-Prof. Dr Hans Geinitz (Ordensklinikum Linz, Department of Radiooncology). Together they accompanied the children through various experimental stations.

Upper Austrian Children's University

Registration system of the Children´s University


A few more interesting links

FIT – Women in technology -

The FIT initiative proves that technology and science are attractive for young women and offers info days, ambassadors, excursions etc.

FEMTech -

Women in Research & Technology - Harnessing Talent. Equal opportunities. With FEMtech, the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) supports women in research and technology and creates equal opportunities in industrial and non-university research.

FFG - People for research -

With a comprehensive range of funding and services, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) helps to inspire people for research, science and innovation, to find talent in order to promote Austria as a location for innovation, to improve the qualifications and skills of employees, to exploit potential from Austria and abroad, to increase the sectoral and geographical mobility of researchers and to strengthen scientific excellence in Austria. Targeted measures serve to increase the share of young female researchers and to increase equal opportunities for all people in research- and technology-intensive fields of the future.

UAR - Success by innovation -

Upper Austrian Research GmbH (UAR) is the leading organization for non-university research of the federal province of Upper Austria and a key player in the research, technology and innovation policy. With its associated companies UAR promotes innovative solutions at the crossroads where fundamental research meets applied research and provides access to top-quality R&D capacities.


The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) is a young international institute in Klosterneuburg near Vienna dedicated to basic science research and postgraduate education. ISTA pursues the goal of conducting first-class research. By 2026, up to 90 research groups will be conducting research here in an international, state-of-the-art environment.

Girls' Day -

Choosing an apprenticeship or a field of study is a fundamental decision for the rest of life. Girls' Day offers essential support to find out which interesting technical and craft professions are available. It offers girls the opportunity to go on a journey of discovery regarding their skills and possibilities for their future - a great chance for career decision-making beyond traditional role models.

Young Science -

An offer of the OeAD - the Agency for Education and Internationalisation: Young Science is the centre for cooperation between science and school.