QSL'24: Quantum sensing conference | JKU and RECENDT, 23.04.2024

On Tuesday, April 23, 2024, RECENDT and JKU (Johannes Kepler University, Linz) held a joint event on the latest developments in quantum sensor technology: “QSL'24 - Quantum Sensing Linz 2024”.

The aim was on the one hand to gain insights from recognized researchers into their specialist areas, but at the same time to address companies and introduce them to the basic concepts of this technology. Quantum sensing technology enables measurement results of unparalleled precision and opens up new ways of quality assurance.

The activities and results of the Linz research groups as well as international contributions offered a comprehensive insight. The research groups of the JKU were represented, for example, by Armando Rastelli from the Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics, Rajdeep Adhikari (member of the Quantum Materials Research Group at the same institute) and JKU Vice Rector Alberta Bonanni (who in turn heads the aforementioned research group). A RECENDT researcher, Paul Gattinger, also provided insights into his research work. Désirée Ehlers from the responsible Austrian Federal Ministry BMK was present to explain the importance of quantum technology for the Austrian industrial and research universe and to address stakeholders and interested parties.

Two Berlin researchers, Helen Chrzanowski from Humboldt University and Katrin Paschke from the Ferdinand Braun Institute, also contributed exciting expert presentations. The company contributions came from AVL List GmbH (Graz), Noisy Labs (Hamburg) and QuantumDiamonds (Munich).

Around 120 participants took advantage of the event to gather information and network. Based on the many enthusiastic responses, RECENDT and JKU agree that this event should definitely be repeated in 2025.

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Save the date: #QSL'25 on 29.04.2025

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