Automated TeraherTz Imaging of Composites and tooling profiling

Project information:

  • Call: Eureka Eurostars 2 call “Collaborative R&D: Photonics for Advanced Manufacturing”
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Start: 07.04.2020
  • Consortium leader: Far-UK


The ATTIC (Automated TeraherTz Imaging of Composites and tooling profiling) project aims at developing a fully automated drilling, monitoring and inspection solution for glass fibre composites. High-resolution laser profilers will be used to monitor composite drilling tools to ensure that the level of wear is acceptable prior to each operation. This will be combined with machine learning techniques to optimise tool-processing parameters such as drilling speeds. The monitoring will be included as an automated part of the process, reducing the need for operator interpretation.

Once holes have been drilled, inspection of the parent material around the hole will be conducted using Terahertz imaging.
The task of RECENDT is to perform the in-line quality inspection of the holes. Therefore a THz system is adapted to perform robot-guided measurements. Furthermore RECENDT is leading workpackage 2, "WP 2: End-user requirements, photonics system specification, functional design".

Project partners:

⇒ Far-UK Ltd (GB)
⇒ TWI Ltd (GB)
⇒ FILL  GmbH (AT)

THz scanner for automated scanning of free-form objects:

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