DATA – Digital assistant for drying plants

Project Information:

  • Project title: Digital assistant for drying plants
  • Acronym: DATA
  • Duration: 01.04.2022 - 31.03.2025
  • Funding:  FFG & BMK


DATA is developing methods and tools to implement a digital twin for the intelligent production of high-quality laminated panels at a phenolic resin impregnation plant in the woodworking industry. In this way, DATA will improve the energy efficiency of the production processes and thereby help to achieve a 20% reduction in fossil CO2 emissions by 2028.

The aim of the project is to couple real objects with data, hypotheses and models in order to create a basis for innovative solutions for tracking relevant drying and reaction processes. The required material and process data will be collected by, amongst others, new types of sensors based on fully integrated infrared and Raman spectrometer technology and made available to the digital twin. RECENDT is responsible for this part of the project. Another goal is the systematic optimisation of operations to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.






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