Recycling and Recovery of Waste for Future

Project Information:

  • Project title: Recycling and Recovery of Waste for Future
  • Acronym: ReWaste F
  • Duration: 48 Monate (start 01.04.2021)
  • Funding: FFG COMET-Projekt


The COMET-Project ReWaste F

aims to tackle the global challenge of sorting plastics and other mixed non-hazardous waste, which requires innovative and sustainable long-term solutions.

In six subordinated specific projects, investigation and characterisation of waste materials as well as their physicochemical and material-specific properties and their circularity are carried out. Sorting, processing and recycling of new special streams (e.g. plastics, wood) coming from mixed wastes are tested in research centres and plants operated by partners by applying technical and large-scale experiments. Development of standardised research and material-machine performance methods is supported by multiple practical tests. Finally, development of a “smart waste factory” equipped with interconnected waste data, machines and sensors connected in a “sensor fusion” of different technology and software providers requires a unique horizontally and vertically integrated as well as manufacturer-independent “digital platform” that will be developed within ReWaste F. It will enable safe and online/ontime waste quality and machine performance dependent management, monitoring and controlling for increasing the waste treatment efficiency, reaching higher recycling and recovery rates and reducing greenhouse gas emissions of the whole system.

In order to achieve the highest possible added value from waste, new methods for contactless online/ontime characterisation and quality assurance of in- and outputs are needed. Based on its expertise in optical technologies (specifically NIR, MIR and THz), RECENDT’s task is to develop new methods and sensors for mixed waste sorting material characterization and data analysis.

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