ZDM-OmniScan - Universal surface characterization for process optimization

Projekt Information:

  • Projekttitle: Zero Defect Manufacturing - Universal surface characterization for process optimization
  • Acronym: ZDM_OmniScan
  • Duration: 18 months (Start 01.01.2021)
  • Funding: State of Upper Austria within the framework of EFRE-React


The research in ZDM_OmniScan aims at non-destructive measurement methods, which later in production processes enable a manufacturing of components and products as free of defects as possible. The aim is to avoid rejects in general, or at least to reduce them significantly, and to use non-destructive methods in the process to ensure seamless quality inspection. In this project, new optical and acoustic methods are being developed to characterize surfaces, interfaces and coatings.

For coatings in the nanometer range, a new laboratory is being set up that enables picosecond laser ultrasound (PLUS) based on asynchronous optical sampling (ASOPS). Furthermore, highly sensitive variants of optical coherence tomography (OCT) and speckle-based methods in phase-sensitive mode for the detection of (sub-)micrometer defects are being developed.

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